You become what you think about- here’s why.

Can we really think our way into feeling better about ourselves and to triumph over life’s difficulties? Just what is the power of thought?

Researchers reveal that we all become what we think about and what we achieve or don’t achieve is directly related to our personal thoughts. They tell us that roughly 20,000 thoughts pass through our minds each day, so if we work on changing negative thoughts into positive ones, we will eventually become more confident and constructive.

Yes, we can carve out an encouraging and promising future for ourselves. Being human, each of us possesses the unique ability for creative imagination. One study of the 400 most prominent people of the 20th century, like Thomas Edison, Helen Keller, Martin Luther King, and Eleanor Roosevelt revealed how our thoughts determine our fate. Three-fourths of these dignitaries utilized creative thinking to overcome personal tragedies, terrible frustrations, or debilitating handicaps to achieve their victories. They eventually became what they thought about.

The researchers who study happy and successful people discovered that it is the quality of their thoughts that got them there, and many overcame extreme difficulties and were better able to cope with unseen future snags and dilemmas as well. Do your thoughts need a makeover? Start by writing down your personal thoughts on what you’d like to achieve and the person you’d like to become, your long-range goals and aspirations…paint a picture of your ideal life. Then, rephrase it, not as a wish list, but as if you’re already there, describing how it feels to have your dreams actualized. This will enable you to begin thinking positive thoughts.

Next, use your creative imagination and positive thinking to make these aspirations materialize in your real world. Set yourself up for success by planning for frequent wins- break your long-range goals down into shorter, easily reachable ones. These initial victories will become mental coup d’états against your negative thoughts that hold you back, a kind of cognitive rebellion against yourself!

Get a grip on the 20,000 thoughts that pass through your mind each day and transform them into positive and constructive ones. Don’t have second thoughts about doing this, for you are today where your thoughts have brought you and you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. Yes, we all become what we think about!

Robert Morton is a former school psychologist and authors the book Finding Happiness in America.



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