CIA spies on Russian spies posing as U.N. diplomats in NYC

Robert Morton
2 min readAug 26, 2022


Is the U.N. a Russian spy nest?

The CIA operated a secret station in NYC, ran by the CIA’s first female station chief, that recruited diplomats working at the United Nations and ran operations on the many Russian spies lurking around the UN- it was destroyed in the 9/11 attack, but a new location was chosen, which was never publicized.

The exact number of Russian spies operating in New York City is unclear, but U.S. intelligence says there are many. The FBI brought charges against three men accused of running a Russian spy ring in the Big Apple. They collected information for Russia’s foreign intelligence agency and recruited New York City residents as intelligence sources.

Two of the men were protected under diplomatic immunity and have since returned to Russia. While here, they sought secrets tied to the New York Stock Exchange and U.S. economic sanctions and attempted to recruit students at universities.

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Although the CIA is not allowed to conduct domestic spying, it can legally place foreigners under surveillance inside the U.S. I would wager the 20-story white building that towers over the tree-lined Henry Hudson Parkway in the Bronx’s Riverdale neighborhood had a few CIA spooks watching it very closely. Russian families of diplomats serving in the Russian Mission to the United Nations stayed there, and most of them were spies.

Recently, the U.S. booted 12 of them out of the country for “abusing their privileges of residency in the U.S. by engaging in espionage activities that are adverse to our national security.” The specifics of the espionage activities remain hush-hush, for sources and methods of collection must be protected.

I wonder how many CIA operatives from the secret CIA station in NYC gathered intelligence on them. A member of the US House of Representatives called upon the FBI to investigate complaints of espionage at the Russian Diplomatic Compound in New York City. Here’s is an excellent video of his request: New York City representative wants espionage probe of Russian compound.

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