CIA Case Officers are not spies …they recruit spies!

There is much confusion as to what to call a Central Intelligence Agency “spy.” Contrary to widespread belief or what we see in Hollywood spy thriller movies, those who work for the CIA’s National Clandestine Service are never referred to as “secret agents”, “spies”, “agents” or “special agents”. …

CIA Spies Fear Russian “Dangles”: A walk-in defector may be a mole planted by Russian intelligence

In the game of Espionage- CIA Spies Fear Russian “Dangles”

CIA case officers have always had to worry about a “Dangle”. Yeah, I know, they are rewarded for recruiting foreign spies to become double agents, and when one walks in the door and offers…

The CIA declassified its Cold War spy pigeon files. Many suspect that pigeons are working today as biotech spies for the government. Loaded with surveillance technology, the can spy on the public, but let’s just assume they’re focusing on our enemies, collecting personal data on CIA and FBI targets lurking…

With sleight of hand, CIA operatives can unnoticeably spike one’s drink

Back in 1950, the CIA became interested in magic tricks. They tried to teach their agents some hand tricks, like slipping a pill into someone’s drink.

In 1953, a manual detailing tricks of the agency’s trade was published at the height of the Cold War. It was tumultuous times, and…

Robert Morton

Author of Florida Keys/Bahamas/Caribbean Spy thriller series>>

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