The Amish children learned the importance of working together

When I taught special education in Ashland, Ohio in 1973, I enjoyed visiting the nearby Amish village of Charm (Population 53). A group of Amish children, ages 6 through 15, attended a one-room schoolhouse there. Their teacher never attended high school, the humdrum rote learning of the 3 “R’s” was still drilled into each student’s head, no administration or support staff were present, and the small playground out back offered bare earth and one makeshift seesaw- a splintered slab of barn siding balanced on a wooden crate.

Modern curriculum specialists would have gone ballistic over their weather-beaten, outdated textbooks. The…

Area 51 is a highly classified area used by the USAF. However, it is not fully known what they do in this area. In fact, the air force never acknowledged the existence of this huge area prior to 2013. The first one to admit Area 51 existed was the CIA in 2013, and they called it the ‘Groom Lake’, or the ‘Homey Airport’. Due to the highly restricted and classified nature of this place, many conspiracy theories abound!

It is a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base and was built in 1955 as part of the more substantial Nevada…

Vacation thrills at Maho Beach

Here are notes from my diary that I jotted down while researching the next episodes to the Corey Pearson- CIA Spymaster spy series. It mentions some nice places to visit on St. Martin and St. Maarten:

I’m in the Dutch side of St. Martin (St. Maarten). Drove to the French side, St. Martin, to Maho Beach and ate breakfast at the Sunset Bar & Grill. It was thrilling to watch the 747’s land, the wheels about 18 feet away above my head, the landing gear almost touching the car tops! Ate eggs Benedict, and I think it was the best…

Opened in 1938, the Caribbean Club is the oldest bar in the Upper Keys and one of the last relics of Old Key Largo. It was the final project of the famed automotive and real estate promoter Carl Fisher. It served as a poor-man’s fishing retreat and included a small hotel, restaurant and the bar that remains today — making it the oldest bar in the Upper Keys.

After Fisher’s death in July 1939, the Caribbean Club became a popular gambling joint, and in 1947, Warner Brothers used the hotel and bar as inspiration to write the Humphrey Bogart and…

Marine biologists are helping to save the life of coral reefs and all the ocean critters that depend upon them. Many of them live and do research aboard yachts surrounded by clear blue waters while the scuba dive down and explore coral reefs teeming with extraordinary sea creatures and plant life. They monitor how well the corals are growing in the Caribbean and even create artificial reefs to help preserve our aquatic environment.

Marine biologists trying to save the Caribbean coral reefs

There are dozens of on-going projects throughout the Caribbean, Bahamas and Florida Keys that accept student volunteers. Google “Caribbean Marine Biology Projects” and check them all out…

CIA analyst Susan Hasler reveals how the CIA became a political pawn

After reading Susan Hasler’s book “A Novel of the CIA,” I thought about how then President Trump belittled the CIA and NSA, and how he rendered these agencies to become his political pawns.

In her book, Hasler describes the world of CIA analysts who work deep within the bowels of the CIA and who sift through mounds of incoming intelligence transmitted from various collection sources from around the globe: overseas case officers and their recruited spies, spy satellites and all types of electronic eavesdropping paraphernalia, OSINT research of foreign media, from the diplomatic service and military attaches…the list is endless.

From the Corey Pearson- CIA Spymaster series

It was REEF, the Reef Environmental Education Foundation, out of Key Largo in the Florida Keys that turned me on to scuba diving. That’s how my passion for journeying to the Caribbean, Bahamas and Florida Keys began. It’s also why I created the cover for CIA spymaster Corey Pearson to be a marine biologist who studies free-roaming wild dolphins, and who also studies the dwindling Nassau Grouper population.

REEF has an international reach that promotes marine conservation through hands-on programs that sponsors conservation-focused activities. Founded in 1990 and based in Key Largo, Florida, its mission is to protect biodiversity and…

Undercover CIA counterintelligence (CI) teams are trained to deny any connection with the U.S. government. They are known for taking extreme risks as part of their work. If caught by a foreign intelligence service, they have no diplomatic immunity to protect them from prosecution under their host country’s laws.

That’s why CI operatives need a cover to conceal their true identities. It can be as simple as just the use of a fake name, but more than often they need to use a “legend”, a very sophisticated cover. …


I sipped an ice-cold Kalik beer after trekking through the hot, sweltering Caribbean pine and palmetto palm forest on the Bahamian out island of Abaco. It was in the late 1980’s, and I was helping the New York Zoological Society save the endangered Bahamian Parrot in the 20,000-acre parrot preserve that then Bahamian Prime Minister Lyden Pindling set aside in a historic conservation move.

At the day’s end, our team would sit around the outside patio bar of the Conch Inn Motel and Marina in Marsh Harbour, and sip on cold Kalik beers. It was…

Her fake CIA identity was being an international art dealer

Amaryllis Fox was a CIA operative. The Agency targeted her for employment while she was studying international security at Georgetown University. It was impressed by her intellect and the fact that she gathered years of data on every known domestic and international terrorist attack and developed an algorithm that pulled out heretofore unnoticed patterns to identify terrorist safe havens.

She first became a CIA analyst at age 21, but soon became a field agent assigned to work in foreign countries. Due to her earlier algorithm development, she instinctively was able to locate potential terrorist hiding places, making her a skilled…

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